Second Hand Netbooks

Netbooks are really popular at the moment, especially for children and people that need a cheap computer just to browse the web every now and again. If you’re looking for a small, light and portable laptop then you really should take a look a netbooks, since normal laptops are usually a lot less portable due to their size and weight. Although netbooks are usually quite cheap even if you buy them brand new (around £150 could get you a basic netbook) you can get them even cheaper in used condition. Let’s say you have £150 to spend on one, you could probably get one for around £100 (and save £50 to spend on something else) or just spend the full £150 on a netbook that has much better specs. It’s up to you really!

You can see the list of second hand netbooks that we have below, and as you can probably tell a lot of them look as if they are brand new. This is because most people take care of their gadgets like netbooks so it’s almost as if you’re getting a brand new one without paying the higher price tag. There are all sorts of colours that you can get too, white and black models seem to be the most popular but there are also a good few pink ones if you’d rather one of those.

Netbooks By Brand

Acer - Asus - Dell - eMachines - HP - Samsung

Cheap WINDOWS 10 Warranty Wireless 101 Laptop Intel Atom WIFI NETBOOK


Simmtronics Nec netbook 16Ghz 2GB Ram 160GB HDD in very good condition


DELL E6320 Latitude 133 Screen 250GB Intel Core i5 250GHz 4GB Office Laptop


Acer Aspire One D255 Intel Atom N450 166GHz 2GB 250GB 101 Netbook Win 7


ASUS Eee PC 1001P netbook Intel Atom dual core 2GB RAM 160GB HDD Neat


Acer Aspire ES1 Great Netbook


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So, instead of wasting your time going to a retail shop to buy a brand new model, why not save some money by getting a second hand netbook which will be delivered to you within just a couple of days?