Second Hand Tyres

If you need to buy some tyres for your car or even your motorbike then you might want to think about purchasing them second hand to save yourself a bit of money. You might be thinking to yourself why would you buy second hand tyres if the ones that you currently have on your motorbike or car are also second hand since you’ve used them, but many of the second hand tyres that we have listed on our site are close to being brand new. Of course they have been part worn but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get at least a few years out of them depending on how much you drive.

Part worn tyres are great if you need new tyres because your current ones need to be replaced or you just want to have better tyres since your car is going for its MOT. Buying brand new car tyres or motorbike tyres can be quite expensive and if you badly need a new set of tyres if you get a puncture for example, you might not have enough money straight away to buy new tyres. However, used tyres are much more affordable so even if you don’t have that much to spend you might still be able to get some second hand tyres for your car or your motorbike.

2 X Part Worn 255 35 20 Pirelli PZERO Tyres 6 7mm LIKE NEWW TREAD


195 50 R 16 x2 Conitnental 84V Part Worn Used Tyres 19550R16 x2 6 65mm


2x 205 55 16 205 55 R16 5MM+ PART WORN TYRE any brand


1 x Tyres 225 75 16c 118 116N Goodyear Cargo Ultragrip With 77mm


225 55 17 Continental Eco Contact 5 101W XL 73MM


2x 185 75 R16C Continental Winter Partworn Tyres 6mm 185 75 16C Pairs


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You could of course purchase cheap budget tyres if you’re on a budget, but these usually don’t last very long since they are made out of bad quality materials. Instead, it’s a much better idea to purchase second hand tyres that were made by a good brand, many of which have plenty of tread left so you’ll still get a lot of use out of them. So, take a look at the list on our site and see if you can find any second hand tyres that would be perfect for your car or motorbike.