Second Hand TVs

Just about every home in the UK has one or more TVs, and there comes a time when your TV is either broken or you just want to upgrade to a better one. Rather than buying a brand new one, why not purchase a second hand TV to save yourself some money? It doesn’t matter what one you want, you can get TVs of all different makes, shapes and sizes online. You can get a huge discount if you’re buying one that is usually hundreds of pounds, but even if you just want to get a really basic model you should still buy it used so that you save some money.

At the moment you might not think that you’d be able to afford a high spec television, but after taking a look at the list below you might realise that you actually can! Even the large 3D televisions aren’t too expensive if you were to buy a second hand one if you’d like to try out a 3D model. If you just need one of the most basic TVs then there are a few things to look out for though. Firstly, you need to make sure that they aren’t any dead pixels (these are basically a black dot or dots on screen that can be really annoying!) and secondly you need to see if there is any screen damage.

Toshiba 24D1433DB 24 inch HD Ready LED DVD TV Combi Built in Freeview USB Black


Toshiba 40L1533DB Full HD 1080p LED 40 TV with Freeview and USB HDMI


Blaupunkt 40 148 40 TV Black Full HD LED With Freeview HD 3 X HDMI Input


Technika 22 212D 22 1366x768 Flat Screen HD LCD TV DVD Combi With Freeview


Toshiba 22D1334B 22 inch FULL HD LED TV DVD Combi Built in Freeview USB White


Toshiba 40L3453DB 40 inch Full HD SMART LED TV built in WiFi Freeview HD


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However, the vast majority of the TVs on here are as good as new with no damage whatsoever but it’s still a good idea to double check the listing just in case if the seller mentions anything like dead pixels. Even if you do buy a second hand TV that is slightly damaged, you could always repair it yourself or get someone else to repair it for you though.