Second Hand Caravans

As more and more people are finding it increasingly difficult to be able to afford to go abroad on holidays, caravans are getting more popular for families all around the UK. Instead of renting out a caravan every year or so and paying a huge amount of money in rent, a lot of people are starting to buy their very own caravans. Brand new caravans can cost a lot of money though, so most people decide to buy a second hand caravan. Buying a second hand caravan is quite similar to buying a second hand car, even if it’s only a year or two old you’ll get it a much cheaper price than it originally cost, so it’s well worth buying them second hand!



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Brand new models can easily cost you around £10,000 or so, but as you can see from the list below you could pick up a second hand caravan for as little as £500 which isn’t too bad! Although these caravans will be pretty basic, most people just want somewhere to sleep while they’re travelling anyway so it’s fine. However, don’t forget that you’ll more than likely have to pay some money to be allowed to park your caravan in a caravan park overnight so take this into account before you buy a used caravan to see if you could afford that.

So, whether you’re planning on just travelling around the UK or all around Europe in a caravan, we’d highly recommend that you purchase a second hand model so you have more money to spend while you’re on holiday on things like food and drink!