Second Hand Surfboards

Buying second hand surfboards really can save you a lot of money instead of buying brand new ones. That’s why we’ve decided to put a list together of just some of the different second hand surfboards that you can purchase online. Surfing is a brilliant sport to get in to if you’re interested in it, but some people are put off the sport since they think it costs a lot of money to get started in. In one way this is true, since if you buy new surfboards and so on you could end up spending a lot of money, but if you’re smart about it (and buy second hand surfboards!) then you won’t have to spend too much money. There are different styles of used surfboards to pick from including  Short Boards, Retro Boards, and Tow Boards.

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A short board is the most popular type of surfboard at the moment, which is around 6 ft in length. It has a pointed nose and is really good at turning and so on. However, short boards mightn’t be the best surfboard to start out on since they are usually used in surfing competitions and so on.

Retro Boards, as you might guess from the name, retro boards look similar to the very first short boards that were ever made. In general, these are a good bit thicker and wider which makes it easier to float. Because of this, it might be a good idea to use a retro board as your first surfboard. These boards are only good for small waves though so don’t use them if the waves are too big!

Tow Boards, once again the name of these might give away what they are like. Tow boards are used when people want to get towed into a large wave by using something like a jet ski, since the wave will obviously be too strong to paddle in to.