Second Hand Kayaks

Kayaks can be quite expensive, especially if you want to buy one from a good brand. However, you can find plenty of second hand kayaks below that are all for sale at a great price that just about anybody can afford! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you should be able to find a suitable second hand kayak right here without spending too long looking for one. Some of the most popular types of used kayaks include Recreational, Downriver and Touring Kayaks.

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Recreational Kayaks, as the name suggests, these kayaks are all-round boats that can be used just about everywhere such as lakes and ponds. Most of the time they are a bit wider and shorter than other kayaks which is good if you’re a beginner since this will make them easier to turn which can be one of the hardest things to learn when to start kayaking.

Downriver Kayaks are great if you’d like to start racing. These are perfect for travelling down water at a really quick pace (which is why nearly all racers will use these). They are generally a lot longer and narrower which can make it hard to control unless you’re an expert, so it’s not a great idea to purchase one of these if you’re just starting out.

There are also a lot of second hand Touring kayaks (also known as sea kayaks although you can use them in other places than just the sea) on our site, and these are great for long trips down rivers and so on. Touring kayaks are a lot more stable and can carry more people than in most other kayaks although they aren’t great at making turns.