Second Hand Washing Machines

Here on our site you’ll find both freestanding and built-in second hand washing machines. Freestanding models are the easiest to install since you can put them just about anywhere in your home (remember that it’ll need to be beside a water supply though!). If you’re going to be putting it under your kitchen top you should measure how high it is to make sure that the model that you’re looking at online will fit underneath it. The majority of kitchen tops are in or around 85 cm, but you should still measure it yourself just to be safe. Built-in models are another option that you have. These are quite similar to freestanding models but the main difference is that you’ll be able to fit the washing machine behind a furniture door or whatever, so it does look much better. It can be quite time consuming though to find a used model that fits perfectly in your home!


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Before you hand over your hard earned money for a new washing machine, you really should compare one machine to another so that you get the best deal. There are some things that you can take a look at to help you compare different models from one another.

Drum Capacity as you can probably tell from the name, will give you some sort of an idea about how much clothes you can fit inside the machine. If there are a lot of people living in the household you might want to get a large drum capacity (some go up to 10 kg which would be fine).

Spin Speeds in general refer to the higher the spinning speed, the quicker your clothes will dry. These speeds can range from anything from 1000 rpm to 1600 rpm.

The energy ratings range from the letter A (which is the most efficient) all the way done to G (which is the least efficient). When you’re buying second hand try not to buy a washing machine that is rated badly, since the cost that you save buying it second hand mightn’t be worth it when your electricity bills are really high each month!