Second Hand Nintendo Wii Games

There are so many Nintendo Wii games that are out at the moment that you’ll probably never be able to afford to buy all the games that you’d like to play, especially if you were to buy them brand new. However, if you buy them second hand then you might be able to afford all of the games that you’d like to own. Since Nintendo Wii games don’t come with online passes like on some other consoles like the PS3 you won’t be missing out on some features either, so you’re basically getting a brand new game without paying the price for a brand new game!

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Nearly all sellers sell their second hand Wii games individually, but there are also some sellers who sell their games in a bundle just to make their life easier. Even though you might not necessarily want to own all of the games in the bundle, you could save a huge amount of money by buying games in bundles so that’s something worth thinking about. Nearly all of the used Wii games that you see here on our site are in either good or near perfect condition, so don’t worry about receiving a game that is badly scratched and won’t work properly.

As you can see from the list, many of the games come with accessories such as the instruments for Rockband games or the wheel for Mario Kart, so it’s a good idea to see whether these come with the game or not. Technically, you don’t really need the wheel for Mario Kart but we’d recommend getting it since it makes the game so much more fun, especially for kids. With a bit of luck you might get a few wheels so that all the family can play together!