Second Hand Horse Saddles

Saddles that are made for horse and equestrian usage can cost more money than most people would expect. A good quality brand new saddle can easily cost you a couple of hundred pounds and that’s just one of the things that you’ll need to start horse riding, so the amount of money that you spend on equipment can quickly add up! However, if you’re worried about spending too much money you could always buy a second hand saddle to save yourself a bit of money? Nobody is going to know the difference between a brand new and a used saddle when you think about it, and if you buy a good saddle it won’t make a difference since these can easily last years.

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On the list below, you’ll be able to see a wide range of different used saddles including saddles which are made for show jumping and saddles that are made for general riding. They come in all different styles and sizes so no matter what type of saddle you want to buy you should be able to find one by using our website. A lot of the people are selling their saddles because they’ve upgraded to a better saddle and nearly all of the sellers take good care of them, so you won’t end up getting a damaged saddle (although make sure that you read the description carefully just to be sure!).

As you can see from the prices, they are well cheaper than what they’d cost you if you were to buy them brand new, so why not save yourself some money by purchasing a second hand saddle? It’d almost be silly to spend more money than you have to, right?