Second Hand Golf Clubs

Find a huge selection of second hand golf clubs available from sellers throughout the UK, with all the leading brands available and prices to suit beginners through to pros! There are many great deals on single clubs, through to full sets, allowing you to pick out the best clubs for you, but at a fraction of the price they would cost brand new. Many of the clubs are in excellent condition, with most types and models available to buy.

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For those just starting to take up golf you may be tempted to buy budget clubs, but did you know that you can find far better clubs in used condition at a fraction of the price? For those that have been playing golf for many years, the perfect golf clubs may be slightly too expensive at retail price, but when purchasing second hand clubs you can pick up the clubs you want, in most cases in great or as new condition. Many of the people that are selling these clubs are only selling them because they have either upgraded or no longer need them, allowing you to find some great deals.

If you’re new to golf and you really want to start playing as soon as possible, it might be a good idea to buy a complete golf club set, however if you only need one or two golf clubs to add to your current set, there are so many individual clubs to pick from depending on the exact one you need.

There are plenty of different second hand golf clubs that you can choose from, including men’s, women’s and children’s versions in differing sizes. With all the clubs in used condition, you also have the choice of modern and recent models, or searching for golf clubs that may have been made a while ago, but suit your needs better.

You can save hundreds or in many cases thousands of pounds buying clubs of all types including irons, drives, woods and putters. These clubs come in different conditions which can dictate the price. For those not so worried on the condition you can really find some once expensive clubs, at a huge discount. These may also be the perfect practice and driving range clubs, leaving more expensive clubs for actually rounds of golf. We also think that these second hand golf clubs can be the perfect way to replace a damaged or missing club from your set, especially if the club is no longer manufactured or sold in shops.