Second Hand Cots

It is an exciting time when we welcome a new baby into the world and it is an experience many of us enjoy and look forward too. Even though many wonderful things happen when having a baby, it can also be a very stressful time when it comes to buying essentials for the baby as they require a lot and it can become very expensive. There are many essential items that a baby requires and one of the most expensive is the baby’s cot. The cot is the first bed for the baby and it is important that they have a comfortable and safe bed to start their life off.

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Even though most cots roughly look the same, there are a variety of cots on the market ranging in different materials, colours, sizes and that also come with additional storage. Cot’s start to get expensive when you are looking for a more robust cot made in a thicker wood and that comes with storage. Also, if you have twins, you will more than likely have to buy two cots and this will automatically double the price.

A great way to save money on your baby’s first cot is to look on the second hand market. A lot of families sell their used baby’s cot once they have outgrown it and they are a lot cheaper than brand new cots.  Also, if you have your heart set on an expensive cot but cannot afford it, more than likely there will be someone selling the same cot, or similar, at a considerably lower price and therefore you can get the best cot without having to pay a lot of money for it. Second hand cots are a great way to save money and they are often in just as good condition as brand new cots.