Second Hand PlayStation 3 (PS3) Games

Although the price of PS3 (PlayStation 3) games have dropped significantly since the PS3 was originally launched back in 2006, the games can still be quite expensive. Buying one or two brand new PS3 games a year might be fine, but if you buy a game every few weeks or even months then you might want to think about buying them second hand on the internet. It doesn’t matter what PS3 game you’re looking for, even if it has only been released for a week or so, you still should be able to find someone that wants to get rid of their second hand copy of it.

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Unlike some other items, second hand PlayStation 3 games are nearly the exact same as brand new PS3 games. Think about it, does it matter if someone else has played the game or not? It doesn’t! There are a few things that you should consider though. The first is that you should check out whether the game has an online pass or not if you like to play multiplayer games. If the first owner of the game used this pass you won’t be able to play online without paying for it. Secondly, check the pictures of the game to see if the disk is scratched or not. Even if it is scratched a bit it still should work, but if it’s badly scratched you might want to buy from someone else.

Buying second hand games really is a no brainer, and since 99% of people look after the games that they own and the majority of games don’t come with an online pass, you’ve got nothing to worry about when you’re buying used games on the internet.