Second Hand Road Bikes

Road bikes can be quite pricey at times, especially when you want to get a brand new one. However, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on one then you might want to think about purchasing a second hand road bike. Many of the people that are selling their road bikes are only selling them because they’ve bought a better model, and they’ve more than likely taking good care of their road bike so you might pick up a second hand road bike that is as good as new!


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Road bikes can be used for a number of reasons. Some people use them so that they can get to work each and every day, be eco friendly or just to save money by not using any petrol like you would if you’d use a car. As you can see from the list below, there are all sorts of different used road bikes, ranging from regular town bikes to more sporty racing bikes. The racing bikes are usually a lot more expensive though, and there’s no need to get one unless you plan on entering a few races every now and again. If you live in a small town or city then you’d be much better off getting a regular town bike with a lower profile tyre compared to racing bikes.

If you’ve always wanted a road bike but never got around to buying one because you didn’t think you had enough money, why not take a look at the list of second hand road bikes on our site to see if you can find one that suits your needs? Within a couple of minutes you could find the perfect road bike for you!