Second Hand PlayStation 3 (PS3)

The PlayStation 3 (also known as the PS3) is one of the most popular games consoles that are on the market at the moment. Even though the PS3 came out all the way back in 2006 it’s still probably the best console that’s out there, with amazing graphics, great games to choose from and free online multiplayer. If you don’t have too much money to spend on a PlayStation 3 but you really want one, we’d recommend taking a look at all of the second hand PS3’s that we’ve listed below. You can find all the different models of the PlayStation such as the original model all the way up to the PS3 slim, as well as having the choice of what amount of storage you need.

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Many sellers also bundle in some extras for you such as games, controllers, headsets and so on which can really save you a lot of money. If you don’t want any of these extras though, there are still plenty of sellers who just want to sell the console by itself (since they might be upgrading to a new PS3 and still want their accessories and so on).

Now that you know about second hand PlayStation 3’s, you won’t need to spend hours going from one retail shop to another to see who is offering the best deal. Even though a lot of shops now sell used games consoles, they are making a huge profit by doing it which you are paying for. Why not cut out the middle man by buying directly from the seller which means that you’ll pay much less than you would if you were buying a PS3 straight from a retail shop?