Second Hand Microphones

If you are in the music industry, doing karaoke or holding an event with lots of people, having a microphone is a great way for everyone to hear your voice! There are many types of microphones on the market ranging from the most popular hand held microphones to condenser microphones used in recording studios and the old style 50’s microphones.

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Microphones come in a range of prices and the condenser and the 50’s style microphones tend to be more expensive. Custom designed microphones have grown in popularity due to the fact that you can personalise your microphone by changing the colour or even adding glitter and diamonds to make it pretty.

There are a lot of people selling second hand microphones and this is a great way to get more for your money because the seller may include extras such as microphone stands, pop filters and cases. Also, if you are looking to buy the more expensive microphone such as the condenser microphone, there are a lot of people selling them second hand at a fraction of the price and this will mean you can afford to buy a better microphone without having to break the bank.

If you are holding an event, you will more than likely need more than one microphone along with speakers and accessories and this can increase the price considerably and you may exceed your budget. Buying second hand is a more affordable option and it will allow you to buy more and better equipment.