Second Hand Xbox 360

There’s no doubt that the Xbox 360 is a great console, but why pay for a brand new one when you can get a second hand one for much less money? If you’re an online gamer you’ll have to pay for an Xbox Live subscription so you can use the money that you save to buy something like this or even another controller, game etc. Buying second hand isn’t too much different than buying brand new really, because you still get a lot of choice in the matter. For example, you can get whatever model you want (Xbox 360 slim, elite, arcade and core), whatever colour you like and of course whatever amount of storage you need too.

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As well as this, you can decide whether you want just the console by itself or you want the console plus some extras such as games, controllers, headsets and more! Obviously you might have to pay a little bit extra for these things, but you’ll get them for a much cheaper price than you would if you were to buy them brand new. This also helps you because you won’t have to go looking around in shops to buy games and other accessories.

Microsoft are bringing out new Xbox 360’s every now and again too which is great news for second hand buyers. The older a console is, the cheaper it’ll be to buy since more people will want the latest model and want to sell on their older models. The more older models that are for sale means that the buyer has more choice which then means that you can shop around for a bargain rather than buying the first one that you see. Hopefully you’ll see a used Xbox 360 on the list that you like!