Second Hand Computers

Computers can be very expensive at times, especially if you want a computer that has really good specs. The high street prices can put you off looking for a new computer but the good news is that you could always buy a second hand computer to either save yourself some money or just so that you can afford a computer with much better specs. In general, second hand computers are a good bit cheaper than second hand laptops so if you just want a computer so that you can browse online and so on then we’d recommend forgetting about getting a laptop, unless you’ve got a good bit of money to spend. There are some advantages of owning a laptop such as being able to carry it around with you, but if you plan on just using the computer at home then you won’t really need one.


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Using the list below, you’ll be able to find a second hand computer that comes with everything that you need to get going including the main computer tower, screen and some other peripherals such as a mouse, speakers etc. Many people that are selling their computers are willing to throw in a few things for free too such as some computer games so you might get lucky and get a few things for free. If you’re shopping on a budget for a computer you should definitely buy a used one, you might be surprised about how cheap you can pick one up.

As you can see from the list on our site, you don’t need to break the bank to get a computer; £100 or so will more than likely get you a second hand computer that does everything that you need it to do.