Second Hand Wood Burners

Wood burners are perfect if you want to make your home that little bit cosier. However, not everybody can afford one since they can be quite expensive at times, especially if you want to buy a quality one. As you can see below, there are loads of different second hand wood burners that you can buy online. Here are some things that you should consider when you’re looking at wood burners.

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Usually a wood burner will be made of either cast iron or steel. There’s very little different between the two, the only difference is the way that they look really. Cast iron wood burners usually look a bit better but they are more expensive, so it depends on your budget and whether you think paying extra for cast iron is worth it.

All wood burners will output a different amount of heat. This is measured in BTUs (the higher the BTUs, the more heat it will let out) and will range depending on the wood burner that you’re looking at. By comparing the heat output from one wood burner to another will give you an idea of which one is better. However, even if you see one that has 20,000 BTUs, this will be more than enough for a normal home in the UK so there’s no need to go any higher.

The burn time that you’ll get will depend on a few factors, one of which is the type of wood. However, the size of the burner will also make a difference. As long as you don’t get a really small used wood burner, you’ll more than likely be able to get 12 hours or so from the wood that you put in it.