Second Hand Filing Cabinets

Even though more and more businesses (and people) are starting to store their important information digitally, filing cabinets are still very common throughout the UK to store files such as business files, employee records etc. There are many different types of second hand filing cabinets that you can see below, and we’re going to go through the most popular ones.

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Standard size filing cabinets (also known as a vertical filing cabinet) are extremely popular all over the world. These usually have 4 drawers which allow you to store different files in different sections. Bisley is just one example of a company that makes these types of filing cabinets. Some people may wish to get a wooden filing cabinet so that it matches the other wooden furniture that is in the room. These can be made from a number of different woods like Maple, Oak or Beech. Some of these can be quite expensive though in comparison to other filing cabinets, but you might get lucky and see someone selling one used for a good price!

A4 filing cabinets are perfect if you don’t have a lot of room, which is why they are usually used in people’s home. You can only put A4 suspension files in this cabinet as the name suggests and they are one of the cheapest options for people who are shopping on a budget.

There are many different kinds of second hand filing cabinets that you can see on our site, there are some others though such as lateral and metal filing cabinets. Whatever type you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it on our site and at a great price! This item may be easier to collect if the seller is local to you.